to the new home of Cat’s Garden. This site is about my garden and how it grows.

The site was previously on a different host, but has now been moved to here. Now you will find additional pages. The About page will take you to a little information about the life of the website: I’ve removed the contact information. More information will be put up on that page sometime soon. Since it didn’t exist before, all the information is being set up from scratch.

There is also a new page called The Yard. This page will eventually have information about what I’m growing. Some of what I grow is what I consider permanent plants. Those are things like trees, asparagus, artichokes, anything that doesn’t need to be replanted each year (think perennials). Then there are the rotating section. These are those plants that get replanted each year (the annuals). These may include tomatoes, squash, peas, etc.

Much as you can grow a lot here in Texas, where I’m growing, you don’t have 365 days of growing. We get cold enough (USDA zone 8B) to kill some plants such as tomatoes. So some of my plants rotate, and some are more permanent. Of course, that doesn’t mean a permanent plant can’t or doesn’t die. Sometimes they do. When that happens, we replant something in its place or make use of that space.

So, enjoy this site, send me a note, watch for what I have to say about my garden.

And come see how my garden grows.