The New Garden

We’ve finished the move. In mileage terms, we didn’t move far. In terms of the garden, its a whole new world.

Gone is the large almost 2 acre lot with permanent raised bed, a fruit cage, and a raised bed for berries. Now we are in a smaller house, with a regular sized back yard. Its a fenced yard, wood privacy fence across the front and down the sides, with metal fencing across the back. The fence forms a “U” shape around the house. Since there is wood privacy fencing, some areas definitely get more shade. And the back, where the metal fence is, backs to a greenbelt area. We’ve seen deer and rabbits in the greenbelt, and we’ve been here about 2 months.

In the about two months we’ve been here most of our time has been taken up with doing what has to be done first – unpacking, organizing, and still getting rid of stuff. We even had to get a storage unit to house some of our stuff (UGH!). But that means we haven’t worked in the yard much.

Its now early August, 2019 and I’m finally getting some stuff done. Mid July a friend came over and help put some of the plants into the ground. It wasn’t as hard as digging at the old place, but he still used an auger to help. If you look at the posts you can see how it came out.

Since it is early August, and I’m just starting my garden I decided to go the temporary route. I’m using a variety of pots. Some are pots from the old yard, plastic mainly, but some are newer fabric pots. I’m starting this way since I may need to do more work in the yard before we begin a more permanent solution.

This house is in a neighborhood with an HOA – home owners association. This is a large community so before purchasing this house I actually wrote the HOA to make sure that back yard gardens were allowed. Call it a precaution. Yes, they are allowed so I am going to begin a garden.

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