Texas Weather

I’ve done some posts about nothing but Texas weather. This is something that may be different depending on where you live. But here in Texas we tend to get hot summers. Some are dry summers, some are a bit more wet. But I think its time to begin notes about just the weather.

At the old garden (house) we had a weather station on the property. Here at the new garden (house-June 2019) we have not yet set up a weather station. That’s on the list of to-do’s.

Summer 2020 – the summer of more than 40 100 degree days. We hit a record with all the heat we got.

Winter 2021 – Valentines Day (week) storms. We started with a cold front on Thursday 2/11. Then we had 3 storms, snow and ice, back to back – 144 hours at or below 32. We finally finished the storms Thursday 2/18. Problems included rolling power outages, frozen pipes, ice and snow covered roads, water shut off, etc. ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) had to instigate the rolling blackouts, but those outages ranged from short 40 minutes, to 4 hours, and some people were without power for 4 or more days. Schools were closed. Grocery stores ran out of food. By Sunday 2/21 we were up to 69 degrees in Austin. Water has been another issue. Since this area doesn’t normally get this kind of weather, houses are not built for it so there have been lots of frozen pipes and burst pipes.