Cold and wet

The days have been cool, low 50’s, maybe high 40’s. And the nights have been cold but not freezing. Much of the night time has been cold low to mid 30’s.

Today we’ve had slow building clouds. It was cool to cold during the day, but not as bad as it could be.

Right now, 11:15PM, the gauges say 52 degrees with humidity of 71, but the fact is its a bit of light sprinkles outside. I say a bit because its not enough to do much, barely getting a windshield wet. But it is just enough to make you feel cool to cold when it hits.

Tomorrow Friday we are expecting to hit a low of 33. But the weekend should warm up to the mid 60’s, think 65-68 degrees. And next week, early Monday we may have thunderstorms. Yet next Wednesday they are predicting a high of 69 and showers, but a low 29. After that the rest of the week should be cold with some nights again below freezing – 25-28 kind of below freezing.

We shall see how this winter continues.