This began as a blog for a class many years ago. It has gone thru a variety of iterations. You will find various bits of information if you search the archives. Now it is all about my gardening. I have a garden in Austin, TX where I grow fruits and vegetables. As I am just moving this site (March, 2018), there may be some changes, lost items, etc. Please bear with me during this transition.


I have recently removed my contact information. Since all I really get is spam, I see no reason to continue having this option.

Legal Stuff

This is a personal website. The information listed here is about my garden. If/when I move the information about the old garden will be noted as old and new information will be posted about any new garden I grow. Content is mine, though some images may not be. If attribution is required, it will be noted. I produce all the content (writing), there are currently no other writers.

I don’t any money off this website, you should not even find ads on this site. I don’t have a subscriber list, there is nothing other than the content on this website. I have other websites, but each contains its own information.

Currently I don’t include cookies. I may in the future include some analytics that could set cookies.

As such, you use this site at your own risk. If you send me an email using the contact form I will, of course, then receive whatever email, name, or other information you put in the form.

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