So much for our lovely warm weather.  The other day we woke to foggy weather.  Today we woke up to cold drizzly weather.  Cold has been 35 to 37 since 6 AM and its now 4 PM.  Drizzly, we’ve had enough rain to measure on the weather gauge, but we’ve only had .16 inches and its taken 4 hours to get that.  Its just been a damp cold web day.  But tonight we might get just below freezing, we may hit 31 tonight.

So this morning we jumped up and covered plants we could cover.  Did not do anything with the fruit trees.  For those, I’m just hoping for the best.  Tomorrow we should hit 61 and on Friday we should hit 76.  So its just one of those things – a short cold spell.  Don’t know if its the last one of the season or not.

Oh, and I have carrots, lettuce, radishes, and some pea plants popping out of the ground already.  That’s why we had to jump up this morning and cover them.  Don’t want to lose them.