Another cold front came thru last night.  At 5PM yesterday we were at 40 degrees, it was downhill since then.  We’ve been at freezing or below since 9PM.  And we’ve been at 22/23 degrees since about 6AM today.  Its now 10:30 AM and its still 22/23 degrees.  The weather is just hovering between the two temps.  Though the good news is its been more in the 23 degree mark.

At this rate we’ll be able to grow apples in this region easily.  It has definitely been a cold winter here.

Its now after 1:30 PM and we’ve only hit 25.  I won’t bet on making it to 40 today.  And our low for tonight is supposed to be 27/28 degrees.  We’ll have to warm up to make that!

Okay, at 5PM we still only made it to a high today of 28, still below freezing.  They say we should still be a low tonight of 27/28.  That would mean the temperature should be steady from now thru the night.  We’ll see if that happens.  I’m betting on another cold night.