Summer in Texas seems to be winding down – for Texas.  The temperatures are out of the high 90’s.  We’ve had some rain, cooler nights (low 70’s), and my plants are growing.  The deer are going into rut, its what passes for early fall here at the house.

 This is a bean plant.

 The roses are blooming again

 a baby squash – acorn squash I think

 A different squash plant.  Not sure what kind it is.
 My baby watermelon.
Now I don’t know if these should be growing the way they are at this time of year.  But I think that because of the change in temperature, these plants seem to think its summer and time to grow. The squash plants have been growing so much I’ve had to set up trellises for them.  Some of these, the acorn squash and the big bean plant, were started from seeds a little while ago.  I guess they like when I planted them.  In the square growing box is another bean seed that was started before summer.  Its alive, but that’s the best I can say for it.  Go figure.  And the big bean plant is in a pot that has no drainage holes.  It does have about one inch of bubble wrap in the bottom, but no drainage.  
Remember those lovely Italian cypress trees we recently planted?  Well the deer are eating it.  I don’t know what book those deer are reading, because everything I read says they are not supposed to eat this plant.  Silly deer.  
  We have since time put up netting around these two plants.  
The plant next to the Italian Cypress is called Jimson weed.  The good news, the deer don’t eat that plant.  But its also poisonous.  My neighbor had given me some baby Jimson’s from her garden.  We didn’t know if they would grow.  Well, they did.  Those I may actually have to trim back because they have gotten so large.  Now if I can just get some of the other plants to grow that well.  hmmmmm