We have bugs.  Bugs in the tomato plants.  Big green caterpillars.  And I do mean big.  These things are eating the leaves off my tomato plants.  And with my happy tomato plants, I have big happy bugs.  BUT I’m not happy about the bugs.  I’ve been picking them off and putting them in a container with cactus.  We’ll see if they like cactus.  And hopefully they can’t get out of the container.  Not happy about these critters.

I looked them up and it seems I have tomato hornworms.  They grow into hawk moths.  They eat the leaves of tomato and pepper plants.  Actually they ate all the leaves off one pepper plants.  But the plant does seem to be trying to recover – its putting out new leaves.  I’m not sure how to get rid of these things other then to pluck them off and kill them.  I’m not sure exactly how to kill them.  So for now they are going into the cactus pot.  Its a pot of cactus I’m trying to kill off.  I dug it up with a hoe and put it into an empty pot so it can’t set new roots. That’s what I’m dropping the tomato hornworms into.  Don’t know if they like cactus, we’ll find out.