The weather seems to have warmed up today.  Its 1pm and we are up to 54 degrees.  Its pleasant outside.  I went out and checked the greenhouse, haven’t done that in a few days, more like over a week.  Surprisingly, everything seems to be doing well.  I did go into the greenhouse last week to move some house plants in there, but that had been all.  So today I went in to check everybody.  Actually all those poor seeds I had put in the pots seems to be more then happy.  They are coming up.  IN DROVES!!  I think I planted too many seeds.  But they are coming up. It is I admit nice and warm, not to hot and with some pleasant sun in there.  I think the house plants will enjoy it for a while.  

I’ve decided that those pots that have the wrong soil need to be repotted.  I’m slowly working on it since I’m not quite sure exactly which pots need to be repotted.  But I think I’ll just go with those that are struggling need to be repotted.  Today I repotted a sugar snap pea plant (that’s what I think it is).  When I dumped out the soil it did seem a bit “thick”.  At one time I had tried the soil we had received for the yard, I had put that into some pots to try it.  It doesn’t work well.  Its just too thick.  Its not clay like.  But it gets too solid and compact.  I don’t think the roots are getting enough air.  And of course when it is watered, this soil does get very dense.  Its okay on the ground – the ground plants are thriving with it.   Its what we used in the front planters.  But its just not working in pots.  So this year I will need more potting mix so change out these pots.  
The plant I’m most worried about is one of my lemon trees.  Its not happy.  Its not growing well.  The leaves have all turned yellow.  So I will try to find a new pot for it and transplant it, maybe sometime this week.  I’ve noticed the lemon tree next to it is doing okay, green leaves still.  I have added Osmocote plant food to all the pots that were in there, so they both got plant food. I’m betting its in the wrong soil.  Its next door neighbor lemon tree is already putting out flowers.  They are both lemon trees I picked up on sale at either Lowes or Home Depot, so neither was a great plant when I got them.  But one is definitely doing better then the other.
I also have to figure out what to do with the rosemary plant I brought from San Antonio.  It was doing much better there. Its still alive, its growing, but it is not thriving.  The tips are yellow and black.  They don’t look good.  I’m also thinking it may need a good hair cut. But it is in a ceramic pot we had in San Antonio, so I’m not sure what its problem is.  It may be water, I just don’t know.  But its had plant food too.  We’ll just see what I can do to make it happy.