Almost Xmas

It figures, my husband just came down sick. I have yard people finishing up the yard (they’ve been here a week) and the painter is patching ceilings. I’m making the “executive decisions” without him. I can’t do too bad of a job, I know most of what he wants, just not some of the fine details.

But we went to a family Xmas dinner on Sunday. It was interesting. It was held at a country club. The service was awful. It was like a comedy of mistakes. The carrots were so rubbery you could bend them in half. The rolls showed up at the end of the dinner. The turkey was good, but they didn’t have enough gravy. The coffee was so strong my husband was choking on it. I refused to eat any of the pie it looked so bad. They said the apple pie was rubbery. The punch tasted like kool-ade. You just had to laugh at all of it. But it was good to meet some of the family members I had not met before. And of course there were kids. Hopefully my husband didn’t catch something from one of them.

I’m hoping this is just a 24 hour stomach flu sort of thing. That’s my hope. We’ll see.

FOLLOW UP: This was no 24 hour bug. It took him a week to get over it. We were told it was just an intestinal bug. Thank heavens I didn’t get it too.