More rain

Last nights rain continued. How much rain did we actually get, well that’s a good question. It appears my weather station at some point got reset and the time was off. So when I went to bed last night at midnight by my watch, it didn’t match the time on the weather station. So even though it said 0.79 inches what it continued to add until midnight its time, when it would have reset for the new day is anybody’s guess.

And to add to it last night was a night of lightning, thunder, rain, and power outages. We actually had 2 power outages that I know of.

Nonetheless today, now at 9:45pm we have 3.08 inches of rain on the weather station. We didn’t have any more power outages during the day. But we did have a couple more thunderstorms. Both last night, and this evening we have had downpours. The kind where the wind blows, the sky darkens, and the rain pours down.

Today we got to all of 77 degrees. I know because that was around 2:45 when I walked the dogs. But by 5pm it wasn’t much warmer. And then shortly after 5:30ish it began to pour. I was at the friends for dinner and we could watch it darken then watch rain begin to pour from the skies. It didn’t last too long, but it probably gave us a good 1/2 or more inches of rain.

Now at almost 10pm we have the before mentioned 3.08 inches of rain, and 72 degrees. For summer in Austin that is a bit below the norm. Yet tomorrow we should get up to the low 90’s (92 is the forecast) and our chances of rain drop down to 20%. The chance of rain drops after that, the sun will begin coming out and by Sunday we should be high 90’s (forecast for Sunday is 98).

As for the garden, I’m still harvesting Anaheim chilies. And it looks like there are some green beans ready to be harvested. But I’m not sure how the tomato plants are taking the downpours. I’m expecting the answer is going to be not great. I know some plants in pots are getting blown over due to the wind.

Crazy weather.


We have had hot weather. For the most part its been hot and dry. The temps have been in the mid 90’s. Well today we had heat, then in mid afternoon the temperature dropped from 91 degrees down to about 88 and it began pouring. It a matter of minutes rain began and the wind began blowing. In the space of a short time we went from no rain to 0.72 inches. It is now almost midnight and we have moved up to 0.77 inches of rain.

It’s lightning and thundering outside and the temperature is down to 75.

Welcome to a strange summer in Central Texas.

Still getting rain

We’re still getting some rain here. Yesterday, 7/6 I woke up to find we had gotten 0.45 inches of rain. Today we’ve gotten 0.16 inches, all in one short microburst. Its was just “boom” it was raining, rained for a short couple of minutes, then it was over.

The only nice thing about this weather is we’ve been in the mid 80’s, sometimes low 80’s instead of the mid 90’s we could normally expect. The cooler weather is nice to have.

But at least we’re lucky, we could be Florida. That area has been dealing with Hurricane Elsa. It made landfall today in north Florida. Its on its way to Georgia (probably there already). Its expected to be in North Carolina tomorrow morning, so it will probably make it way through South Carolina this evening. It should make Massachusetts by Friday, then by Saturday it will be back out to sea. At least that is what they are expecting. I’m sure we will be hearing about the destruction its causing soon enough.

I’ll try to keep posting about both our rain here, and Hurricane Elsa.

More rain

It was clear until early afternoon. Then its been on and off slow rain. Its now 10PM and we’ve gotten 0.40 inches. We might get more tonight, but then again maybe not.

Because of this area being the way it is, we can build clouds well during the day. So we are more likely to get clouds during the day and get rain during the day than overnight. Of course that isn’t always true, depends on the circumstance. That’s just the way weather is.

Rumor has it some areas got lots of rain today, like well over an inch and if the forecast I listened to earlier was correct, some areas got 2-3 inches of rain. That’s I cannot attest to.

But here in the Austin/Drift/Dripping Springs area we got just about half an inch of rain.

And yes, more is on the way.

Happy Fourth of July

They have warned of rain. Its not a continuous rain that we get here. And they’ve been warning of it for day. Well, it does strike. And I use the word strike as that is what just happened. In the space of less than 15 minutes we have gotten 3/4′ of rain. We’ve spent the day with clouds, some blue skies, and yet suddenly the skies darkened and rain began. It has been 15 minutes now since it first began, and where the rain has slowed, we still have 0.77 inches in the back yard. It well may stop shortly, but by then we may well hit .80 inches of rain.

And being that its still mid afternoon, its possible we could get more rain later this day or tonight.

This is how rain comes in central Texas.

At least the yard and the garden got watered.

UPDATE: its almost 11pm and we’ve topped out at 0.82 inches of rain. But rain is in the forecast the rest of the week. I’ll keep you posted.

More rain

The weather has been cool, well, for Texas its been cool. We’ve had rain, both yesterday (Monday) and today (Tuesday). Today was 0.63 inches. But just wait, tomorrow we are due for high 80’s, then Thursday back to 90’s.

The weather forecast says Thursday and Friday no rain. But tomorrow, the starting Saturday we are looking for scattered thunderstorms. So we are back to high mold counts, and water logged planters. Its been a weird time gardening. It has truly been feast and famine. We’re hot or raining. And the nights are down to low 70’s.

Welcome to Texas gardening. You never know what’s in store.


Its been warm, in the 90’s. And yet today its been cooler, in the 80’s, and raining. We’ve had the kind of rain that if a sudden downpour. It gives like half an inch of rain in 20 minutes. Its nice, in part because it has cooled down to 77 as of now, 7pm. In addition to the half inch of rain at one short time period, we’ve had a couple of short sporadic rain falls, bringing us to a total so far today of 0.61 inches. Its only 7pm, so its possible we could get more rain tonight.

We do have a much larger chance of rain tomorrow. We actually have a chance of showers for the next week. We’ll see how much we actually get. It might be quite a bit, but who knows.

On a different note, the Pacific North West is in a heat wave. Hard as it is to believe today was supposed to be around 90. Tomorrow, Monday its expected to be 110 degrees in Seattle. And its supposed to be 90 on Tuesday.

This is a bit unusual. I’ve lived in that area and usually the hottest week is about the first week of August., usually Seafair weekend. This weekend is the last weekend of June. If this is their new hottest week, its a month ahead of schedule. Then again, the first week of August could still end up being hot, hotter than this. That just remains to be seen.

As for my garden, its doing okay. I finally pulled out my Swiss chard. Its grown far too large to handle. Its bitter, its a cool weather plant so I’m not sure why its been growing in the middle of 90 degree weather. So, I pulled it out. Ironically my peppers in pots are doing better than my pepper in the raised beds. I’ve lost my squash, yet my cucumbers are growing well. And my volunteer plants, seeds probably from last year, I think they are watermelon, maybe cantaloupe look like they are growing well. These plants have small fruits on them. We’ll see how they grow, and if they mature. My apple trees, in the ground actually look like they are doing well. They’ve grown taller, I’ve even seen flowers on them, and they are leafing out well. Even my new Meyer lemon is looking good.

Overall, the garden is doing okay.

UPDATE: per Seattle is 100 degrees at 6:20pm. That’s hot anywhere you are at.

Welcome to Texas

We didn’t really expect rain, but we did get just a small amount, 0.07 inches this morning. But what we have begun is heat. We are due for 90+ degree weather the rest of the week. We are looking at 94 for tomorrow, but 96 for the weekend. So we have heat coming in. To help understand, our nights will be in the 70’s. So think a high of 94, with a low of 74. Yes, that’s a 20 degree swing, but its not exactly cool nights. And for example, right now (10PM) it is 78 degrees outside with 84% humidity. That’s not the coolest of nights, it should cool down as we get closer to morning.

So I can’t say if we’re done with rain for a while or not, but we have warm and humid weather coming in. Even if it isn’t rain, its still humid weather.

Its made for some interest gardening. We have lots of rain, so we have some issues with pests, mosquitos and the like, and we’ve had some issues with lack of sun. Temperature wise its been strange. We’ve had some nice temperatures, then some cold 65 degree days thrown in for fun. So plants are growing rather haphazardly. Some plants are growing well, then some just don’t seem to know what to do. I’ve got cucumbers growing, it even has small cucumbers growing on it. And yet I have swiss chard that is still going gangbusters.This isn’t swiss chard season, but mine is still growing very well.

I just watched news and they are already warning that heat index is expected to reach 103 tomorrow. They are also warning some areas of Texas may actually hit triple digits. They didn’t actually say which area are due for those triple digits, so I’m not sure if its actually likely to happen.