Cold again

Okay, it got cold again. As in yesterday it was in the 70’s. Today mid afternoon, after 4 and it’s only 39 degrees. Oh, and we just had rain and hail. At least it was short lived. This morning around 8am we had one of those cold fronts come through, and we got rain. Then again around 11 we got more rain. Between the two we got just over an inch of rain. The wind has been blowing since last night. The strongest wind gust was 29 mph. But we’re not done with the cold yet. We have cold weather for the next week.  He ten day forecast shows nights around, just above and just below freezing.

At least we’re better off than the Dallas area.  They got tornados. About 8 people are dead from those tornados. I guess we’ll just take the rain and cold. Though the east coast has had unseasonably warm weather.  Not much you can do about the weather. And our current weather patterns attest to that.

Funny note.  Christmas Day Las Vegas got a smattering of snow. Wonder what the odds were on that?