First Freeze

I was gone the past few day. Spent some time in San Antonio visiting. While I was gone we had our first freeze. Mid November but we’ve got a good cold front sitting here.  And here is what my plants look like:

The basil is dying.

  The watermelon died.

Even the beans froze.
Well, can’t expect them to live forever. Everything else is covered now. The first freezing night was Thursday, Nov. 13. Last night, Nov 14 it was cold, but not freezing. Tonight, Nov 15 should be cold but not freezing. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights will be in the freezing or below freezing range. We’re talking 35-28 degree nights. Then the days and nights should warm back up. 
If you want bad weather Wisconsin had about 50″ of snow from this front. And with more cold on the way, not sure how much more they will get.