First potato harvest

Yes we have potatoes. We had planted potatoes in bags. They are a thick felt feeling material, so they could easily dry out. With all the rain we have had, they didn’t dry out. We did 3 bags. This is the first bag where the tops have dried up so I took a chance and dug in.  It may not look like a lot of potatoes, but since this is the first time I’ve been able to harvest any, I consider it a success. The last time I planted potatoes, the squirrels got them. This time we made a cage to put around the bags to keep the squirrels out. It worked. I expect we’ll harvest more potatoes in the coming weeks. 
I only recently realized that we could have grown them in the pots differently. I recently saw a method where you start the potatoes in a half filled pot and as the potato grows you add additional dirt. From what I gather, this will give you more potatoes as they fill the pot with more potatoes. I just put the starts on top and let them grow. When I harvested the potatoes, I only had to dig about half way down. So the bottom of the pot was just dirt, but from mid way up we had potatoes to harvest. Since the package I purchased had 3 types of potatoes, 3 different colors, we harvested three colors of potatoes. 
I’m so tickled. They grew. Even if some are little, they appear edible. I’m tickled!