We made it to WA. The weather had been cool which is so much nicer than San Antonio. Today was warmer, and we are expected to have a couple more warm days. But warm here is different. Its warm, 80’s but you have a cool feeling breeze along with it so it is so nice to be outside. Though of course you do need your sunscreen so you don’t get a sunburn. Today was so nice I grilled chicken for dinner on the deck.

When we got back to WA we had one of our decks replaced. It was noisy but worth it. We also replaced our cars, something we knew we needed to do. We also have spoken to a guy who will be replacing our retaining wall. They had hoped to start this week, but they needed to have lines marked. When you dig this kind of way, you have to know where things like underground power lines or water lines are. So we are waiting for them to come and do the marking. So they expect to start the retaining wall early next week.

We’re also getting ready for our cruise next month. It should be fun and I’m looking forward to it. We will be doing a 10 day cruise starting in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve never been there so I think it will be interesting. We leave for it shortly after my school class ends. Talk about good timing.