New Fruit Trees!!

Okay, today we had to go pick up some items at Lowes and Home Depot. So while we were there I picked up a couple of fruit trees. Since we already have a hole where a wax myrtle was, we needed a tree to put there. So I got two, one for the hole, one for somewhere else.

The hole will get: SunRacer Nectarine. It says its hardy to 20F, self-fruitful, and low chill. Its semi-cling, great flavor, and high resistance to disease. Let’s hope so.


The other tree is a Avocado, Lila. She is hardy to 20 F, and self fertile, though someday we may want to plant a mate to her. This plant says you may get better yield with additional avocado varieties around it. Let’s hope she likes where ever her new home becomes.

So how did we get a hole from a wax myrtle? Well there was a wax myrtle near the fruit trees. We’re testing a “cage” to keep squirrels out and it made no sense to keep the wax myrtle in the cage. So out came the wax myrtle. We planted it elsewhere. So that’s why there was a hole that needed a fruit tree. I sure hope the nectarine likes its new neighbors.

While we were at Home Depot they had a couple of other trees I’m thinking about. They had a tangerine and a persimmon. I’m thinking maybe they could join the family, but I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see.