Welcome to spring in Austin

This has been a strange spring, but we have definitely hit spring weather here in Austin. It has been warm, by Texas standards, and nice. The current weather has been low 80’s, sunny, with some light clouds. Knowing we can get much warmer, this is nice weather. Don’t know what summer will bring, but we’ll take the beautiful weather we have.

So how does our garden grow in this weather? This is how it grows.

We have a new bed being made for trees coming in.
Apples are growing.
Fresh from the plant blueberries.
Friendly bunnies. Too friendly.
Container tomatoes. Patio I think.
Awaiting corn. Its growing.
Last year’s pepper plants. The hot ones.
And more lettuce.
Pears are doing nice.
Rhubarb, at least I hope.
Sorrel. Its been moved around and still survives.
Tomatoes in a large planter. They are growing.