We’re growing

Yes the weather has been lovely, days in the mid 60-70, with an occasional 80 and almost 90 thrown in for good measure. The nights have been cool, upper 40-50’s. But with lovely weather, lots of sunshine, the plants are growing. The peas have already started coming up, the fruit trees have had their flowers and we now have little apples appearing. Even the plus had lots of blossoms this year. If all goes well maybe we’ll have plums later this year. We have a lot of blossoms on them right now.  So the growing season is looking up.

The fruit trees we had in the green house, mainly citrus, developed blossoms while in there. Those are looking pretty good right now. Some of the citrus and the avocados that spent the winter outside in the ground did not fair well. We may have to pull them and either put them in pots and see if they survive or just consider them gone. If we have to pull them out, some of the fruit trees in pots will be put in the ground in their place. That’s an idea I’m still toying with.

But right now everything looks good outside. We do have some problems with the watering system, but we’ll figure that out somehow.