Now this is a cold front.  We just dropped a good 20 degrees, both day and night.  We hit a low of 57 last night, and it’s 11:30 AM and only 58 outside. We headed for a high of 75, but if we make that it will be later tonight probably. And we’ve had 2 inches of rain.  Some came down hard, but then its been a nice gentle mist.  A good soaking wet, and I’m sure the plants are loving it.

The garden is okay.  The tomatoes are growing, and we still have a few watermelons on the vine. Those squash seeds I planted are growing and so are the bean plants. Since this is the first rain in a while we’ll see how it affects the plants. Who knows, maybe they’ll begin growing again.  We’ll find out soon.

I don’t think the cold front will last long. But the 10 day forecast shows cooler temperatures, days in the low 90’s and high 80’s, with nights in the high to mid 60’s.  We can hope. If that’s what we get, I expect lots of the plants will begin growing again. Maybe I’ll plant some carrots and lettuce, if its cool enough.