Well it looks like we have finally hit the triple digits days of this area.  Its hot. The low at night is 76. The heat index is over 100 easily. But the garden is alive.  I’ve got watermelon and cantaloupes growing.  The tomato plants are alive, but not doing anything, and that’s expected with this heat. The gardening guides say its time to plant the second crop of squash and green beans so I planted some seeds of both today.  The squash says 45-50 days to harvest so we’ll see if they grow.

Things to remember for next year:
   1.  When you plant tomatoes, put cages around the baby plants.  Don’t wait for them to grow up before putting cages on them.

  2.  Put trellises up for melon plants.  Otherwise they will take over the yard.  Also remember that melon plants will try to grab onto things – don’t plant near the asparagus plants.

  3.  The zinnias and petunias are fairing better then the marigolds in the heat.  Actually there is a zinnia plant growing in the middle of the ground, not in a pot, and its not getting watered.  Same for the petunia.

  4.  Plant less basil.  It grows really really well. Almost too well.  I put a few plants in the salad bowl area and they have taken it over.

  5.  The tomato plants are doing okay with shade cloth over the back part.  They get some daylight sun but not quite all day of sunlight.

  6.  YOU NEED TO WATER MORE!!  If we continue using the small soaker hose, have it water more frequently and longer time.  This year in this heat its running daily, but I’m giving additional hand watering 2-3 times a week.  The plants are doing well with the additional water.  Roses have been blooming, got some squash (had an ant problem), the carrots are growing (need the hand watering), the melons are growing well (mark the plants better and watch for aphids, and trellis the plants EARLY). 

  7.  Watch out for the squirrels.  They like the melons and green tomatoes.