Okay, its been a bit of a cool summer.  Not cool if we lived elsewhere, but for Austin, its cool.  We are almost to August and have not have a triple digit day yet.  I’m surprised by that.  I would think we would have, but we just have not done so yet.  We’ve gotten to the mid 90’s, but not triple digits.  The weather forecast says we may get them this week.  We’ll see.

But we lost all the corn, we didn’t get a lot of squash, and the melons (watermelon and cantaloupes) are growing but the squirrels are a problem for everything.  They eat the melons when they get ripe.  The squirrels steal the tomatoes, even the green ones.

The tomatoes – yes well, they ripen on a strange time table. We got a few at the regular time table. But right now the plants are full of green tomatoes that just have not ripened. Last year they ripened late, it was frost and we were still picking them.  I’m guessing this year may be the same.  We got a few squashes, not many, but now the plants are producing more flowers, and we have new baby squashes growing.  Go figure.

The basil is taking over the salad bowl.  I’m thinking on planting more lettuce and see what happens. Everything else bolted due to the heat.