The good news is we have warmish weather for the next 10 days. By warmish I mean mid 70’s maybe, high 60’s.  Not hot by Texas standards, but warm enough for seeds to sprout.  Right now the seeds I planted a while back are growing, at least most of them are.  I did plant new seeds earlier this week.  I planted corn, some squash, watermelon, tomato seeds (probably be better off with plants), and some more lettuce.  We’ll see how they do.

The fruit trees are doing well.  At this time, everyone has at least some flowers on the branches.  The Anna apple is the only one I’m a bit worried about.  Its the smallest of the trees and doesn’t look so happy after last week’s cool front.  I’m hoping with the warm weather it will begin getting happier.  But it does still have some flowers, just not too many.  The Dorsett has far more flowers, but it is a larger, taller tree.

Even the pear is starting to flower and the plum has lots of happy flowers.

I did go out this morning and pull some weeds in front.  I also threw out some annual flower seeds.  I’m not holding my breath on those, but you never know.  They are last year seeds. I did plant some flower seeds in the pots in the back.  I also added some plant food to those pots.  I figured they could probably use the help. Now to see what will grow.