Well, today we finally got some rain.  Not a lot mind you, so far only .13 inches.  But the weather has been nice.  We had one night that was supposed to get down to mid 30’s, but only made a low of 41.  So we haven’t had a cold spell for a couple of weeks. 

So the garden is growing pretty well.  I did lose the tomato plant, but that appears to be all. The lemon trees have lost their leaves, and I’ve had to cut them back, but the branches look healthy so I’m hoping it will come back. 

The peas are growing well, the strawberry plant has flowers and baby strawberries growing, and the fruit trees are blooming.  Well, the apple trees are blooming and the plum tree is just getting a few blossoms.  The pear is getting buds, but no flowers yet.  The fig tree even looks like its coming back after the freeze.

Since its rained today I will do some more seed planting tomorrow.  The next 10 day forecast show no cold weather so I think seeds should be good to plant now.