We’ve had a cold few days here.  But yesterday we hit the mid 60’s and today, Friday, we made it to 81 degrees briefly.  And we should stay in the mid to high 70’s for the next week.  How’s that for weird weather.

But I took the time today and started planting a few things.  I put in:

  • Sugar Ann Snap Peas
  • Champion Radish
  • Lettuce Master Chef
  • Broccoli Major Hybrid
  • Carrot Scarlet Nantes
  • Little Marvel Pea

We’ll see what if anything comes up.

I also took some time to slash at the cactus.  We have a cactus patch I’m trying to keep under control.  It has spines so I’m not trying to let it grow.  I’d rather kill it off.  We have cactus in other areas of the yard, but this patch is just in a bad spot.