Yes I know, its been a while.  But we made it thru the holidays – Christmas and New Years.  We’ve made it into the 2014 successfully.  Now about this weather.  Its been a bit of a roller coaster.  Just about the new year we had cold weather – really cold for this area.  We had some nights down to low 20’s with the days staying pretty cold too.  But then the cold front would leave and we would warm back up.  For example last Thursday and Friday it was cold, cold enough for snow and sleet here at the house.  But yesterday, Saturday we made it up to about 65.  Last night it only go down to 45 and is expected to warm up to mid 70’s today.  But we have another cold front coming in tomorrow night.  Monday should be almost 50 degrees, but that night we should get down to 26 and Tuesday night we should get down to 23.  But next Thursday it should be 66 and 47.

We were gone from Jan 4-20 and did a pretty good job of making sure everything was covered in plant blankets.  We these cold fronts we are getting I had best check and make sure everything is still well covered.  Also with these alternating cold nights and warming days cedar season is in full bloom.  It is sometimes tough for me to even go outside its affecting my breathing so much.  I watched a news report that said this is a bad year for cedar pollen and that some people are landing in the emergency room and even getting bronchitis from it.  Not the best of weather.