Yes, its been a while.  I know.  I haven’t posted as much as I should.

So what’s been going on here?  Well, we’ve had some cold weather.  We had a week long cold front with night time temperatures down to 24.  Some day time temps that barely made it above freezing.  It kept us cool/cold with temperatures around 30 degrees below our normal.  But it has had one advantage – my tomato plant has finally died.  I was going to keep it wrapped up and warm but I decided not to.  I don’t want it in that same place next year – its in a plastic raised planter.  But the planter got moved from one stop to another, and its not in a good spot at the moment.  So I left it unwrapped and let the cold freeze the plant back.  Its not a nice dead looking plant.  Now I can try to get the tomato cages out of it.  The tomato plants had grown into the cages so well I couldn’t get the cages out until the plants died.  So now when we get some warm day I will go out and pull up the cages.  Also, some of the cages broke under the weight of the plants so I need to just get rid of them.  Another reason why I wanted to tomato plants to die back.

On the good news my broccoli is still growing and so is the lettuce.  I am a bit surprised at the lettuce.  The weather has been below freezing, but the lettuce that is growing hasn’t frozen.  Live and learn.  So I’m thrilled with that.

The yard guys have put more dirt into the four raised planters they built.  They has used extra dirt we had, but did not have enough dirt to fill the planters properly.  Since the planter area was dug down, then 12″ (or taller) stone sides were built around the area, the planter depth is more then 12″ deep.  So when I say some didn’t have enough dirt, I mean 2 had okay soil depth, 1 definitely needed more soil and the fourth planter had about 10″ of dirt over maybe half the planter and the other half had only a couple of inches of dirt.  So they needed to finish filling the planters.  Now when late winter/early spring planting time comes, I’ll have places to put plants.  Yeah for my side.