What weather we’ve been having.  We’ve started having freeze warning.  We’ve been covering plants.  And so far so good.  Yesterday I picked 2.5 lbs of tomatoes from the plant.  But considering todays weather, that may be the last I will get from it.  Its 10 AM and its 38 degrees and raining, blowing rain.  Let’s just say this cold came earlier then I thought it would and I didn’t get the plants covered last night.  I thought we were supposed to get cold tonight, not last night.  So it looks like I’m off one night, and I may not get any more tomatoes because of that.  That’s okay.  Its not the end of the world if I lose the plant.  There’s always next  year.

update:  Its now 5pm, 35 degrees and a wind chill of 28.  We went out and covered the plants since its supposed to stay cold. Down jackets helped a lot.