Good news, we have a bridge.  We now have a way to get over the “creek” we get in the back yard when it rains.  Its a wood bridge, about 8-10 feet long, with a slight arch, and about 3 feet wide.  It sits on a concrete base on one side, near the house, and on blocks on the other side, near the garden.  Its unfinished wood so it will need to be sealed some how.  That’s not happening today.  We are due for rain Monday thru Wednesday so we’ll get a chance to see how well it works.

Other bits of good news:  the tomatoes are ripening and we finally ate the watermelon.  The watermelon was only about the size of a softball, more a personal size then a family size.  But it was sweet and good.  We’ll try to grow some again next year.  The tomatoes are now starting to ripen in larger quantities.  I plucked over half a dozen to day and there are many more getting color.  There are still a lot that are green, but it looks like we may finally get our crop of tomatoes.

I was at Lowes the other day and picked up seeds by Seeds of Change.  We’ll give some of those seeds a try next year.  Yes, I’m already thinking about what to grow next year.  Considering how things grow here, I figure I can’t start thinking too early about it.  Its November and I have tomatoes ripening, broccoli growing, peas starting to grow, and lettuce growing.  The pomegranate tree still has fruit on it and I expect next year will be a larger crop there.  I think I need to be thinking about next  year this year.  At the rate I’m going, I’ll be starting plants in the green house late January or early February.