Got another drencher last night.  Right around 4AM we got rain.  In about an hour we got 2.3″ of rain.  At least everything is well watered now.  There’s still a small chance of more rain today, then our next chance of rain in Wednesday.  Then we have 50% chance for it.  Could make for a messy Halloween for the kids.

This year we should have a few kids trick or treating.  It seems our neighbor is doing a hay ride for their kids to take them around the neighborhood to trick or treat.  Since we don’t have many kids in the neighborhood, it would make it easier for the parents if they all get together.  Bill’s thinking about driving the tractor down to the bottom of our driveway in his gorilla suit to hand out candy to the kids.  The kids might like that.

The yard is slowly shaping up.  Our bottom drainage problem area seems to have been fixed.  The regraded the area, got rid of the rocks and gravel, laid down seed then a mat to hold it in place.  And now the grass seems to be growing well and the water is flowing to the storm drain.  So it looks like that area is no longer a problem.  With the rain we seem to be getting, I’m glad.

I still have green tomatoes.  The weather has been cooler, in the 70’s so hopefully they will ripen.  I’m not sure what to do with green tomatoes.  Oh, and the basil plants are happy, green and lush.  The peppers are still growing too.  So I do have stuff growing.  The broccoli is getting big too.  I put in a couple of pea seeds, so we’ll see if they grow.

Pat came over yesterday, hopefully he’ll be able to come over to help Bill today too.  Pat said his father has been diagnosed with dementia.  He said his mother had broken her knee and is in rehab/convalescent place healing.  With the problems with the father she’s not too keen on coming home soon.  Can’t say I blame her.  Apparently the father is having a few paranoia issues.  I’m sure its making life hard for Pat since he still lives with them.  At this point they need him there.  I gather from from Pat said yesterday one of his sisters lives at home now too.  Probably good, she can help with the parents too since Pat’s work takes him out of town sometimes.