Go figure.  Yesterday (Friday) they said today’s (Saturday) forecast was a high of 86.  That has now changed to a high of 70.  It’s already noon and we are not even up to 60.  Hopefully we’ll get to 70, but we’ll see.

The deer are not happy with the fence.  They keep coming up to it and looking in, like kids staring at a candy store they can’t go into. I figure they’ll get over it.  But we did get a bird feeder up.  And the birds have already found it and are coming.  We did find some old niger/nyjer seed.  The birds won’t eat it but we put some outside the fence, just trying to get rid of it.  Well the deer like the niger/nyjer seed.

The greenhouse is doing great.  The squash plants have blossoms so hopefully we will get squashes soon.  The herbs are doing very well.  Even the berry bushes are putting out new leaves and growth.

I have had one unusual problem. I set some seeds out on a tray, it came with those compressed round soil pods.  You just add water and the pods expand.  Well, not a single seed has sprouted in that.  I don’t know why.  I find it odd.  I don’t think the soil would be the problem, but I don’t know.  I may add some more seeds to them and see what the problem is.  Since everything else in the greenhouse is doing fine I don’t know why these are not sprouting.  It may take some investigating. I don’t think its too warm in the greenhouse since everything else is happy.  I’m not sure why they haven’t sprouted and its been over a week.  I put geranium and impatient seeds in the the tray and I would think they would have sprouted by now.  Something I have to look into.