The weather must be changing, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.  Last night we saw our first scorpion in the house.  We don’t get a lot of them, but because of where we are we do get scorpions.  We do have a pest control system built into the house walls so that keeps most of the bugs away.  But last night I saw the first scorpion of the season in the house.  Bill stepped on it since I was barefoot – no more worry about that one.  But we must be changing seasons for them to show up.

The weather has been strange.  The past couple of days have been overcast but warm, in the 70’s.  Last night only got down to 62, so that is a change in temp.  Especially since earlier this week we had night time temps down in the low 30’s.  They keep saying we may get rain, 40% chance for tomorrow, Easter.  We even have a 50% chance on Wednesday.  I’m not holding my breath on it, we’ll see if we actually get any.  But it is overcast with big billowy clouds.
Now that we have the fence in we’re starting to look at planting some more things.  Its nice having a lot of room to work in but its going to take a lot of work.  We’re already looking at putting in some sort of retaining walls and filling them with dirt so we can plant shrub/trees.  We get such wind we do need some sort of wind break.  When we got those 40-50 mph winds our back patio got covered in dirt and leaves.  And a neighbor from across the street came over when we were just breezy up here.  She was amazed.  She said it was calm at her house.  But at least now she realizes our problems.
I had talked with my neighbor a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that we get windy.  She understood windy, but she said that they don’t get much wind at all.  So she was a bit skeptical about what I was saying.  Her house seems to be in a low calm spot, relatively speaking.  She said they rarely get much wind at all.  But next door to her is essentially a greenbelt and that might break the wind for her.  But now that she’s been to our house, she understands what I mean when I say that we do get wind.
When we got that windy spell all the dirt I have moved got blown away.  The problem is that I need to have dirt in order to get something to grow, and I need something to grow there in order to hold the dirt.  We’ll figure something out.