Okay we have a problem after that wind.  My bougainvillea is naked – it has lost every single leaf.  It was a new plant and looked nice.  But its only naked, not dead so I’m sure it will come back to life.  I may need to find a new place for it.  Right now it is sitting on the stairs so it is out getting the full force of the wind. I may have to move it someplace where it still gets sun but maybe a bit less wind.

The real problem is in the back.  All that dirt I moved in the back then seeded with buffalo grass seed, well the wind moved it.  Don’t know exactly where it got moved to, but I’ve got some definite bare areas again. Of course, that is exactly why I’m trying to get grass to grow there.  The back patio is also full of dirt, weeds, twigs, and leaves from the wind.  We’ll have to use either a blower to move that dirt out of the patio or we will have to sweep it off, but somehow we will need to clean that back patio off.  But the amount of dirt on the patio is much less then the 3 or 4 wheelbarrows of dirt I put on the ground.  So I’m sure the rest of that dirt is off some place else.  I’ll have to do this all over again – move dirt and throw seed.  Sure glad I still have some seed left over.