Oh my goodness.  Yesterday was windy.  We hit gusts of 51mph here at the house.  It appears some areas even had power outages due to the wind.  It blew hard enough to tear one of the vents off the greenhouse.  Bill was able to retrieve the wayward vent so we’ll try to repair it and re-install it.  But it meant that plants inside the greenhouse had to be covered last night.  And they will have to be covered the next few nights – we’re due for night temperatures near freezing, below 40 for the next week or so. And I still have those little seedlings growing and they will not survive those cold nights.  Hopefully we won’t be getting wind like that for a while again.  The center of the country has been in a cold spell with snow and such.  Us, we just got the wind.  Not even any rain from it.  Oh well.