Weird weather.  It has definitely cooled down.  The past couple of weeks have been nice weather, with occasional rain thrown in for good measure.  Its been foggy, can’t-see-across-the-street mornings followed by cloudy overcast days.  And then we get a good old foggy but warm morning followed by warm muggy overcast day.  Go figure.  But the good news is the plants are loving it.

We are still having bachelor parties some days in the back yard.  Actually some days it just looks like parties in the back yard.  We have deer just coming in, some close to the house as if they don’t care we are inside.  And they are once again eating plants they are not supposed to like – the wax myrtle and the cypress.  But it feels nice outside, and much better then those triple digit days.  So all in all its doing nice outside.

They’ve pretty much finished the garage.  Bill and Pat have started moving stuff into it.  Bill even put up the blinds on the windows and installed the door locks on the new garage.  So its safe secure and fast filling up.  Maybe we’ll actually have a place to put our cars.  One can hope.