What a change in weather.  We spent Friday evening, pretty much all day Saturday, and early part of today Sunday cloudy and with some rain.  I say some rain since we didn’t get a lot.  But most of it was short periods so the rain soaked in, it didn’t just run off.

Today, Sunday we went out to  Fredricksburg Roundup.  Its about energy – such as geothermal, solar, and some water collection.  It didn’t have as many exhibitors as its had before, but it was interesting.  One thing I will say, it has good food.  This place called Navajo Grill had brought in a portable wood burning pizza stove.  I had a Margarhita (sp?) pizza. It was pretty good.

Today when we got back we set up the automatic watering for the green house.  We leave on our trip Oct. 31 so we needed to get that all set up.  Its nice now that the heat is down a bit, 70-80’s during the day, plants are growing again.  So we’ll need that watering system up and running while we’re gone.  Haven’t figured out the big pots outside the greenhouse yet.  Have to figure those out.

The deer in our backyard:

The pictures are taken from inside the house, the deer ar outside.  So if they aren’t perfectly crisp, sorry.