Another week, another storm

Who knows what is going on with Texas weather. We have yet another storm due, tonight and probably tomorrow. The good news is by Thursday, today is Tuesday, the storm should be gone. But they’ve already issued flash flood warnings for the area. It does look like a strong storm line, and most of it will be north of us. It looks like Dallas and the Fort Worth area will get hit harder.

Our weather forecast says some of the thunder storms could be severe. But we’ll see what happens and who get that weather. We might, but then who knows.

On a different note, never be afraid of trying to grow from seed. I had put some seeds from an orange into a pot. Now you need to understand that this was not a grocery store orange. It was from a “home grown”, someone’s back yard orange tree. I put them in a pot on the patio probably last month. Well, I now have about 6 new small plants coming up. It looks like a lot of those little orange seeds have sprouted. It will be years before they produce, but nonetheless they have sprouted and I have seedlings. I will do my best to keep them alive and growing. I’ll keep you posted on how they are doing.