Cold front

The forecast has been warning about a cold front for a number of days now. Well, today we hit a high of 81 here at the house. Less than an hour ago it was 79, now its 68. I’ve been watching the temperature since we moved plants to the center of the back patio but I wanted to cover them at 75. Well, I watched the temp and was able to cover them when I wanted to. I really wanted to co er them before it got too cold.

Tonight’s forecast is all of 29, and I bet we hit it. It might be early in the morning when we hit that, but it means we will be in for a cold night. And on top of that we expect wind, so it will be cold outside.Tomorrow, Thursday we expect a high of 39, and a low of 25. So it will be cold tomorrow no matter how you look at it. Friday is expected to get up to 49 with a low of 26.

Outside right now the clouds are coming in and the air is still, but the temperature keeps slowly dropping. I guess the only good news is here we have no forecast of precipitation. But the Austin area is under a winter weather advisory.

Basically it says we should expect precipitation of minor sleet/snow, possibly ice but probably not measurable. But they are also saying wind gusts to 35 mph. And we’re expecting it to begin around 3AM Thursday and go until 6AM Friday. But exactly where this will hit remains to be seen.