Well we are actually getting cooler weather. Its not what I would call a cold front, more like just a slight cool down. We’ve even been getting some clouds, usually a bit later in the afternoon. And some areas have even gotten small short showers. They may be extremely localized showers. And they may be significant showers. But they don’t last long.

Today we got a few small sprinkles here at the house. Small sprinkles as in they weren’t enough to wet all the ground, just leave drop spots on the driveway.

But at least they are cooling down the area. Its 8:30pm and its down to 85 degrees. That may not sound like much but that’s down from 9pm and 90 degrees.

We’ll see how long this lasts. But at least it seems as if we will cool down enough to let plants grow and hopefully survive. The cool down will be good for gardens, at least I hope it will be.