Getting stranger

Okay, we’ve had warm weather followed by cold weather.  We have trees (apples, plum, pear, fig) all ready to burst with flowers (apple already has). We’ve had 60-70 degree weather. Then we got another cold snap. Last night we drove home in 28-32 degree weather. Today we’ve had a high of 32. There are icicles on the bird feeder, and I have heard ice falling off the gutters around the house. And get this, tomorrow should be 60, with Tuesday being 75, yet Wednesday low should be 26.  And tomorrow is March 1.

Today we’ve had cold with some precipitation. Can’t say its really rain, but its not really snow, maybe sleet – at any rate its cold and wet. As far as I can tell nothing is sticking to the ground. But tonight is 50% chance of rain/freezing rain (I believe it). Starting tomorrow, Sunday we should begin showers, then scattered thunderstorms from Monday thru Wednesday, the rain/ice on Thursday. Hopefully a week from today we’ll be back to just cold and above freezing.

Weird weather. And I’m not sure what the plants think of it either. Some of the onions that are still in the ground look like they are covered in ice. I just went outside and I can hear stuff falling, but I can’t tell if its freezing rain, ice, or rain.