Hope spring is coming

The past two nights have been cold – mid 20’s cold. Last night we got down to 25, but today we’re up to 53 already. Hopefully that’s the last of the cold. We went to Lowe’s today, and it appears someone didn’t cover their peppers and tomatoes well. They had them out in pots, and they drooped from the ground level over. The poor things looked like they froze last night. They may have. The only things we seemed to lose were the asparagus. But we do have some more asparagus popping up.

The seeds I had put out in the green house are just now coming up. At least the tomato seeds have sprouted, the peppers didn’t so I have put out more pepper seeds. I also have filled another set of seeds out in another flat in the green house – peppers, tomatoes and endive. I should start some of the other plants like the watermelons and such. I might do that this weekend.

The 10-day forecast shows weather getting warm.  I hope that’s accurate.