Happy Halloween

and all that…

Well it was a cold night last night. And tonight is due to be cold again. Some weather people are saying its the coldest Halloween in 28 years. I believe it. We did hit a high of just over 50, but we are due to hit a low of freezing. Its just after 7pm and we are down to 46 already. Its cold out there.

I was good and covered the lemon tree, moved the succulents, and anything I thought might freeze close to the house. But its cold enough that some of my joints hurt, or better put my wrists ache. So do my hip joints and knees. Such is getting on with age. But better that than the alternative. I’d rather be alive than not. Even with the aches and pains. And I figure if its cold enough for me to ache, plants need to be cared for from the cold.

Well tonight is Halloween. We got our first kids around 6:45PM. I really expected to get some earlier, but no such luck. Its cold for the kids to be out so a lot of kids are well covered. And since we live in a neighborhood, we are getting kids. We probably still have too much candy, but who knows. DH is sitting by the front door handing out candy. We have the candy in a large bowl (my popcorn bowl) and we’ve been letting children just pick what they want. One bag was about 350 pieces so I’m thinking we have more candy than we will have kids. But who knows. This is a large neighborhood, we could have lots of kids come.

At any rate, tomorrow we should be up to low 60’s for our highs, though the lows will still be hovering around freezing. But by Monday we will be back into the 70’s with our lows back in the 60’s. How’s that for Texas weather.

But this is our first real cold. Will Cedar Fever follow?