We have been hot. Most days have been high 90’s. We’ve hit 100 already, and today was 102 in the back yard. It’s now 10pm and 88 degrees outside. It does make walking my dog strange. He gets walked late, like 8:30pm, after the sun has gone down. Any earlier and its just too hot.

But the real question is how much hotter it is going to get later this summer.

So far my garden is still growing. But I have all the beds set up with drip watering. The drip heads are placed right at the base of the plant and it seems to be working well. Its keeping the water just where it needs to be. And that’s helping them to stay alive. But I don’t have much growing.

My cucumber is growing well, its big and lush. And I’ve already begun picking the cucumbers. I’ve also noticed my shishinto pepper plants have peppers on it. I have a bell pepper plant that is growing well, though I haven’t seen any fruit on it yet.