I think Autumn has hit

Last week was absolutely beautiful weather. We’ve been in the 80’s, hot for some places, but here in central Texas it qualified as lovely weather.

Even though there have been a few storms, hurricanes, and tropical depressions around, none have really affected us. There’s been one strange storm in the Gulf of Mexico. It never seemed to form into anything. It was strong enough to become a tropical depression, so it certainly was never a hurricane. For the most part this storm stayed close to the Mexico border.

That’s changing. I’m not sure even what this storm is named, but its been sitting there slowly keeping form. As of recently, last day or so, this storm has begun moving. It still isn’t exactly a formed storm, still not hurricane force. But it is on the move. Its slow, 45 MPH winds, but its moving at 7mph. Strange storm. But its on the move and with it here at home, the Austin area, we are getting some rain.

Now the good news is its a slow just barely more than a drizzle type of rain here. Some areas may be getting more rain that we are. As of this afternoon, we have barely half and inch of rain (1/2″). But we are due to get rain from it both today and tomorrow. Then its going to slowly move off towards Mississippi. But this slow movement means it could cause flooding in some areas. Probably those areas that have already seen a couple of hurricanes. From what the weather stations are saying it looks like it will mainly be along the coast from Port Lavaca to Houston, to Lake Charles, and over towards New Orleans.

But its nice that we’re getting some rain. And of course the we’ve dropped down to low 70’s. And that feels nice.

CORRECTION: its name is Tropical Storm Beta