Merry Christmas

Its been an interesting month. I was gone early this month, and it snowed while I was gone. Not for long, but it was enough to stick. Apparently it went from record high to snow the next day. then it warmed back up. That is a true cold front. Well, we’ve gone from warm to cold. It dropped 30 degrees the other day. It went from the mid 70’s to the low 40’s.

That was on Friday. Last night Christmas Eve we got cold again. It got down to 30. We’ll be cold, for Texas, staying in the 40’s, and we’re expecting rain. So it will be a cold rain. No great warmth coming this way for the next few days. At least the fruit trees will be happy. The garden has gone into winter time cold. That will be good.

I don’t know how long this cold will last, but I’m glad it finally came. The only bad thing is with cold the mountain cedar will begin producing pollen. That’s the way cedars are. They need cold, then a warm spell in order to produce pollen. And they those conditions here in Texas.

Welcome to wonderful Texas weather.