Misty rain

Its still wet outside. Its early afternoon and its wet. Its all of 66 degrees, and wet. Not raining down on you wet. But far more waves of heavy mist type of rain. As of now we have 0.26 inches of rain, wetness would be a much better description than rain. But it also looks like it will continue for a while. The one nice thing is it is the kind of moisture that will sink into the soil or pots or whatever it comes into contact with. Though if you were walking outside in cotton I’m pretty sure it would soak into your clothing well and leave you a cold wet mess. Provided of course that being 66 degrees and soaking wet would be cold to you. It would be to me.

But it also means that plants, where they don’t have rain falling down on them will be getting definite moisture today. But as for how much rain it will measure out to, that remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Its 10:30PM and we’ve now got 1.15 inches of rain. Even as I look at my rain gauge it has increased to 1.17 inches of rain. So we will get more before midnight. So yup, we have rain.