No question, summer is here

Yes, the comfortable temperatures we had are gone. Austin area has hit the mid to high 90’s already. Yesterday’s high hit 93, with a heat index of 100. Our low – 74. Its warm out there. Plants are not growing well. Though some tomatoes are getting red, many are just sitting there green on the plant. Last year we left them on the plants, and when the weather began to cool they all started ripening. We do have some yellow tomatoes that are ripe, but again, most of the plants are just trying to hold their own.

On the other hand we are having a wasp problem. We have found many more wasp nests than we normally do. And some have been big nests. They are high up under the eaves and difficult to spray. But hopefully the spraying will work and they won’t come back. It does help that Bill knocked some of the nests down. I’m just hoping the wasps don’t come back and build new nests.

I’ve also noticed a lot more young fawns still. And quite a few twins this year. Some of the bucks are already beginning to get velvet on their antlers. I feel for the does. They still have fawns nursing and its not that long until the rut will start all over for them. At least there is still a lot of greenery around for them to feed on. And I don’t mind if they eat, as long as they stay out of my back yard.