Nov. 29, 2006

Where Seattle has had its share of bad weather — rain, wind and now snow, San Antonio has its own issues. We have just gone into a tornado watch until 2AM Thursday morning. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t miss being stuck at home because the roads are covered in snow and ice. We are able to view our home online so we do know how bad the weather is in Bellevue. The low today was 17 at our house in WA. It barely made it to freezing today. It spend the day below that. Not fun by any stretch. Though we did speak with a neighbor who said he and his son were sledding down our street. Since we do live on a hill area I’m sure they had a lot of fun. Its also nice that nobody got hurt, always a possibility when sledding down city streets.

But I’m not used to tornado watches. I’m not sure how I would know a tornado is coming. Do they have sirens? What do they sound like? I’m not from this area so its new to me. I do realize that the probability is low that it would hit here. I also have been told that its more likely to hit the hill country about an hour north of this area. That’s some concillation, but I am aware of the damage a tornado can cause. And that can be considerable. Let’s just hope that it find some open area with nothing to cause harm to. And there is lots of area in Texas like that – flat open land with not much but scrub on it. I hope any tornado stays there.