Winter has arrived in San Antonio

Winter has finally arrived in San Antonio. I arrived at 5 AM. How do I know that you ask? At 5 AM the temperature dropped from the 70’s to just below 40 in one hour. What a way for it to arrive!

But its not that bad. We did get wind, gusts to 43 here, but that’s all. It is still sunny and clear. And where the weather has cooled down, and the nights will stay below 40 for the next few nights, early next week the daytime temps will be back in the 50’s and 60’s. Most places would not consider that cold, but here it is definitely cooler than it had been. Actually it was nice to go out to a brisk morning. It sure beats the warm humid nights we had.

I’m actually glad to see it cool down. I kind of miss that change in weather. But we’ll see what else this area has to offer. Since I’m new to the area, we’re still learning.