Last night, well after midnight, we got a storm through. It came with some thunder, though not much where I am, but it came with rain! Since I have my weather station set up I can tell you we got about 2 inches of rain, 1.92 to be exact (so says my weather station). Today we are planning on a balmy low to mid 80’s, they say 83. Either way we have some cooler weather in the forecast. They say, and I’m hoping they are right, that Saturday will be in the 70’s, like 74 for a high. The rest of the days over the next 5 days will be in the low 80’s.

Finally some cooler weather.

But like it or not, it also means we’ve gone from triple digits just a couple of weeks ago, to the 90’s, down to the 80’s in well less than a month. I won’t call that bad, but I will say it doesn’t give a lot of time for plants to adjust to the temperature change. I really do think we are getting dramatic changes in short time periods. Welcome to the new normal?